The World In A Teacup

Swirl the teacup three times round
And stand it on its saucer upside down.
The leaves will tell of things to come
And brighten up your afternoon.
“In a three”—could be days or even months,
You’ll meet a stranger, dark and tall,
He’ll be important in your life
But do not fear for all the leaves
Around are bright. All will be well.
There’s “something new to wear”
And “money” near the bottom of the cup
So don’t expect it soon, and anyway
It isn’t much—a small pools win perhaps.
“Cross words” there’ll be with some one close,
A friend, or next-door-neighbour, even
A member of the family,
But do not fret for it soon will pass—
A storm in a teacup, you could say!
There is a tiny cloud of trouble,
A touch of sickness, nothing much,
So do not worry, it will not cause upset.
And nothing ever does! There is no death,
Divorce or injury, no heart attacks,
No cancer in these readings that my mother gave
To visitors, like Auntie Annie, in the afternoon.

by Pete Crowther

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Delightful! Raynette