Don'T Care...

Don't care if you never come home
don't mind if you just went away
Keep on rolling away on a distant sea
Still….I am yours but you don't love me.

Don’t care if you come to my town
don’t mind if you give away smiles
Having lovers and friends is fine
Still….I am yours but you are not mine.

Don't care if you wander day and nights
don't mind if abusing me gives you delights
Well leave me alone and just let it be
Still…I am yours but you don't live for me.

Don’t care if you got troubles or problem
don’t mind if you call my love as hate
We made a vow to always be friends
Still…I am yours but all promises you end.

Don’t care if you go away years upon years
don’t mind if you refuse to take me for real
It's time you saw what I want you to see
Still…I’m yours but you just hated me.

by ratandeep sharma

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