The World Is A Merry-Go-Round

The world
Is a merry-go-round
If you escape from one point
You're caught in another
We carry a burden of desires
And the world spins them
All along our way.

We hussle for them
Like tomorrow no more
Getting and wasting
We Live like kings
We Live like princes
Looking down on the proletariat
Still We sit On time's wings
And on the edges of it

Perhaps there's another world
Where things abound
And the struggle is less
Who knows?
This is where
My preference would have been
In the quiet of my time
Sow sow and reap reap
Who knows If another world exists?

by Tony Adah

Comments (1)

Beautiful poem. Beautiful flow of words. Very true said The world is a merry go round and it make us swim in a whirlpool of unending dreams and desires. Live today, as if its the last day of the life, as not sure whether there exists any tomorrow. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.