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Broken Trust
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Broken Trust

You were one of my best friends
I trusted you
We always go out in weekends
With the others

I knew I can trust you
So I told you a deep secret
I thought you wouldn't tell anyone
But maybe you broke your helmet

You told someone
I never though you'd do that
Now my trust to you has been broken
I'll never speak to you again

One things for sure
You're not my best friend
I don't care about you
And our friendship ends

You said sorry
But that wasn't enough
And I mean it
Now it's time for me to get rough

This is all I can say
Trust is easy to break
But remember this
It's hard to gain

Maybe sometime
We will see each other again
But for now
Our friendship ends

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Comments (1)

What stands out the most in your poem, to me., is., 'our country'.., l don't understand why it does., yet the feel of it.., felt forced. With Respect, Jodilee