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An Elegy
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

An Elegy

Poem By Ben Jonson

The world is beautiful today.
And I am so inspired by its beauty.
Some say it is all an illusion,
A reflection, just a memory.
But I say, that in all that beauty,
You are there, looking back at me.

You wanted me to know you love me,
So You created that mountain out my window.
Austere against a pale blue sky,
It takes my breathe away.
Just like You do when I feel you near me.

Some say it is just so much matter, encased in energy.
But I say You are there,
In every bit of it,
To inspire my poetry.

Every thing of beauty,
is Your gift to me.
Every year I live to see it,
is my year of jubilee.

To be enabled to look at a delicate flower and see,
Truly see, its fragile, incomparable beauty,
To see that for a moment you were there,
so close to me………melts all my indifference,
And inspires my creativity.

I see You move the tree tops with Your breath of inspiration.
Because I believe it is You,
I feel exaltation.

I see a golden eagle.
On Your breath he is soaring.
And I am lifted out of my earthly form,
As the joy within me merges with him.
I see You in him and so I join,
And the world is beneath me like a silver coin.
Somehow I am on it yet above it just like he.
I am golden,
I am silver,
I am empowered,
I am free.

Some say the world is my dream,
that You are not here in it.
I say there is only You,
So all I see is Infinite.

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Comments (4)

Read your bio.... God speed with your journey... keep writing them One Peace at a Time..Shalom
Indeed it is! Shout it from the rooftops.....Greetings.
This is a gorgeous poem. Wonderful job of writing Connie. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! A real gem of a poem here Connie! A pleasure to read thank you! ! *10plus*! ! Best wishes Friend Thad