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The World Is Ignorant About Me
(13 May 1977 / Swabi)

The World Is Ignorant About Me

The world is ignorant about me
At what crisis of time I am
To pass the autumns and yet to see

The spring of life! I wait for you
I talk to the stars in the dark night
They shine in dark in sky blue

The world doesn’t know about me
I sigh in grief all the night till morn
To recollect the charms of thee

It is the gloom that I feel so bad
With hundreds of sorrows I play
I fear they will make me mad

I start with glooms and tear my day
With thousands of problems in life
For demon of injustice I am a prey

I want to do something but fail
I think but then stop to think
Then my thoughts nothing prevail

The world is ignorant about me
That I have no light tonight
I am to wait till morn to free

I have no food to eat to sleep
Without cloths my brother lay
I am to curse them not to weep

I think what to do to make
Myself to earn for my mom
The medicines she wants to take

I want to pass through fames and fire
And catch every paper to sell
To earn soon and then to home retire

The world is ignorant about me
That today my mom is unhappy
Seeing on my hands scars three

I told her not to be sad
This will make unhappy too
The brave spirit of my dad

She told me my brave child
Thousands of years you live
As she touched my forehead mild

December 16,2005

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Very touching...I enjoyed it!
Wow this is really touching poem..loved it so much..Thank you for sharing your poem...