LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

The World Is My Toy

The world is my toy, and I am the player -
No boundary is too vast for my imagination.
Everything I hope and dream is within my grasp -
I have but to reach out and take what is mine.
Within the confines of my mind lie infinite possibilities -
Nothing is too complex for my inquisitive nature.
First the thought, then the word, then the act
Manifests all that I desire if only I release the fear
That holds me back and threatens to limit me.
I am the creator of my reality, and all that I know -
I live what I create and attract what I think to me.
Life is an adventure - an experience of unlimited range -
Nothing is too difficult to accomplish with imagination.
I can be whatever or whomever I choose to be -
My existance is not limited by my surroundings
Nor by the physical aspects of my body and mind.
I am a spark of the Divine energy of the universe -
I am one with the Source of all creation and all mankind.
The world is my toy, and I am the player -
The game of life is the most precious gift I will ever receive.

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The sun flows from your pen, dear Linda and reminds this reader of the infinite possibilities of living life to the full and overflowing. Beautifully written and shouting truth from every syllable, this poem should be inscribed on every frig magnet as a reminder to cherish every precious moment of living. Beautiful, inspiring write. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
This poem speaks the truth...how could it be otherwise? Some poets limit themselves to one form, style, thought...oh how much they miss writing about! ! ! This is a WAKE UP! poem to be taken to heart! ! xxElysabeth
“Nothing is too difficult to accomplish with imagination.” We can grasp everything through poery.Your poems give us capability to play this world.but i think we human-being should get along with this 'world' equally just see it as a freiend, not a toy. athough, your this poem talks about the pleasure of life, while i am thingking of the ethic of human's being.
JUST A GAME & WE MEN ARE MERELY WOODEN FIGURES ON YOUR CHESTBOARD OF TOY COLLECTION, IZZZ THAT HOW IT IZZZZZ ? WELL I 4 ONE AM..............................................................AHHH 4-GET IT...CHECKERS, ANYONE? NICE WORK, MIDNIGHT! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
You said it! Life is precious and we must live it to the fullest..you know with your poem i feel like, wow everything is possible, if we just try! Preets