The World Is Not Ending

They say the world is coming to an end

But from where I'm standing the only thing coming to an end is humanity

From where she is laying the only thing that's actually ending is life's of the innocent

The only thing that's never ending is the amount of hate we have trending I sit and watch how social media is transcending,

Instead of working towards building each other's successes creating a world filled hustles and

Graduates the only thing we keep achieving is death certificates

Dare not blame witchcraft for stupidity

For being a heartless is not a disability

I remember there was a time where danger only lingered in the darkness but now the demons play hide and seek in broad daylight

Here I was thinking that vampires are afraid of sunlight

The saddest part about it all is how we turn a blind eye to it all hoping to forget it ever happened like it won't happen again, we look the other way hoping that minding your own business would suppress the pain,

Well it's never really your problem until you have to light a candle for your loved ones

Because we kept pretending that this isn't happening we kept

painting pictures portraying puzzled pieces of perfection, just sitting back and hoping that one day it will be over and that we will all make it out sober from the taste of our own intoxicating tears, relieved from excruciating

pain, that we will conquer all our fears,

but here we are, sometimes I feel like life has been preparing us for the worst as we grow older, making sure we look over our shoulders every time we hear a wispier

You see the world is nowhere near ending
We just keep proving to ourselves that the human race is not worth trusting.

by Felicia Kekana

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