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The World Is Not Enough
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

The World Is Not Enough

Even if you lock me in a cell,
Build a fortress to blind my sight,
Protect my body with shields
To keep me safe from threats,

Tie me to a pole and try your best
To detach me from the outside world,
Hide the newspapers,
And forbid me to watch the prime news;

I would still feel,
I would still know.
The bees and the birds will report to me,
From their hasty chatterings and buzzings,
I can tell:

The world isn’t safe tonight;
Another man murdered,
Another border trespassed,
Another kid is losing faith tonight…

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Comments (2)

The world is not enuff, but it's a perfect place to start.........you reminded me of Garbage. You are a cool poet gurl. Keep it goin.
Well it's painful, but your expression, as usual is so sharp! (I hope you don't mind my commenting so often on your poems. I can stop awhile, if it makes you at all uncomfortable. I'm sort of a cheerleader, but only because I feel you're such a good writer!)