The Search

I'm a child,
searching for the comfort.
Of a mother's arms,
finding only emptiness,

I'm a forgotten soul,
searching, reaching into the mist,
bitten by the Evil One,
as swirls of colors dance
inside my head.
So Alone…

Illuminating nights with chemical energy.
Still, I stand alone, yet crowded,
watching with eyes closed.
Afraid of what I will find,
mourning what I've lost.

Dancing, spiraling out of control.
Falling, carried by a current controlled by the wind.
Listing in and out of consciousness.
Hoping that I wake before I hit the ground.

Children's laughter,
one small tear,
a soft, guiding hand.
Gentle whispers of hope
surround me.

I opened my eyes, still afraid.
Swirling colors released their hold
to reveal a small, trusting hand in mine
Acceptance unconditional.
My purpose clear, my search is over.

I am for them.
I'm a mother,
whose arms open
to find the comfort of her children.
The safety and peace only they
could finally bring.

by Tori Pleasent

Comments (2)

You have millions of reasons to have your smile back on.The world is always ready for you dear, trust me.Good job!
Could feel the sadness, tomorrow is another day