KF (03/08/82 / Southampton)

The World Is Smiling Without Me

Every one around me has things falling into place,
Their lives are going well,
The world is smiling without me,
The world has left me behind in it's monotonus cycle,
My walls have come back up and my smile has come back down,
The sadness showing in my eyes, the tears are yet to fall,
My sparkly eyes are a figment of my past,
My laughing and my smile have gone,
And now everything seems false,
Need to get away, Change of scene,
Sort my head out,
Need someone to listen, & wipe away my tears,
Hug me and tell me 'everything will be alright'
Don't want to be sad I want to smile,
Need a friend to hold my hand,
I want the world to let me back on,
I want to smile with everyone.

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Comments (2)

You have millions of reasons to have your smile back on.The world is always ready for you dear, trust me.Good job!
Could feel the sadness, tomorrow is another day