Half-Awake And Half-Sleepy

Let me sleep please.
Don’t wake me up.
But the phone is ringing.
What can you do?

My brain is working half,
My senses are sensing half,
I am actually acting half,
That call had better be good.

Call is serious enough.
I have to run to turn on my computer,
And log into IM. I am invited
To very honest discussion.

By now I am full awake from 3 hour sleep.
Try to be nice and not angry.
Dry lips are interrupting me.
But I can’t go for anything to drink.

I am getting a response that
It can’t be talked.
I am thinking in my way.
I can’t be awake.

Get something to drink
And go back to sleep.
Now I am sleeping half,
Thinking half what was all about.

by Sukhee Bukhbat

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