VG (5-5-1950 / meerut, india)

The World Of Chimpanzee

The world of chimpanzee
She went from one branch to another.
Her kid was on her back.
Some times she jumped here to there having her kid in her lap.
Kid was stick to her mother & was enjoying the life.
She saved him from rainfall, hot sunrays & hunger.
Because she was loved him more than her life.
In the nights when
Stars were twinkling
The cool air was flowing &
he was sleeping with sweet dreams.
She was awakening & watching him with affection.
She was a chimpanzee.
Days come & pass away.
So nights have come & then passed away.
On one night when he was sleeping,
Suddenly she also fell in sleep.
On the awakening, she did not found him.
Sky fell upon her.
She jumped here to there
But he was no where.
Because he was went away to his own world.
She became alone & full of grief.
She was helpless.
She became old before time due to the grief.
He was not caring here.
Her life fell in the shadow of the evening.
It was the world of chimpanzees.
Now is it not going on in the world of human beings?
Are we going to the world of chimpanzees?

by vijay gupta

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