The World Of Fake

Don't leave the house without it
In your world that you make
And keep it fixed no matter what
Your smile that is fake.

Don't ever think that you are wrong
In your world that you make
The fault will lie with someone else
In your ego that is fake.

The world and life is happy happy
In your world that you make
Perfection finds completeness in
Your family that is fake.

Reject all those who disagree
With your world that you make
Just pick and choose advice that suits
Your blamelessness is fake.

Your words and actions do not match
In your world that you make
It sadly leaves me wondering if
Your love for me is fake.


by Rachel Slimm

Comments (2)

Hey what truth! ! ! I sincerely agree with your words! ! Let's hope that the ones who do not live in reality eventually come around to not being fake! ! ! Love Karen xx
I like this poem, fakes languish in this world but it is the world that we make that counts to make us sane. Thanks for sharing. worth the 10.