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The World Of Nothingness
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The World Of Nothingness

Poem By kyle larkin

Non-existent… Lifeless
It sits there in its world of nothing
Waiting to be something

A universe of possibilities
Searching for an escape
So that they may be real

It anxiously awaits
Among the infinity of others
To be utilized for a specific purpose

It knows not its own age
Could be an eternity, or no time at all
Yet his creation is not questioned

…Finally a door is opened
The terrene is illuminated
And the race begins

It gets to the door first
Slamming it
Before too many squeeze through

The scenery is wondrous
No longer a sea of nothing
But an ocean of hope

Together they float to a destination
Not knowing what it is
…They push on

They reach a dead end
No more roads to follow
Excitement spreads They have found it

A handful are tossed back and forth
Until one is chosen
...He was not “the one”

They sit their in dismay
Utterly confused and upset
Until once more a door is revealed

…back to the World of nothingness.

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