The World Of The Toothless Alligators

I wish I lived in the winsome world of the toothless alligators.
There there is no pain, no tears, and no hate,
In the far, far, world of the toothless alligators.

You can lick the leaves of the topaz trees
And taste their zany zing.
Or hear the call of the Teetertall
With its silly, saucy ring.
You can float on down the River Hound
That howls with a happy howl,
Then swim all day in Rosypop Bay
And use Tickel leaves for towels.
You may climb the slopes of Mount Cantaloupe
And look down o’er Popindorf Plain.
You could set sail on a Kissing Whale,
(You’ll never be the same!)
Or you can share a flagon with the Great Gulp Dragon
And hear his wild tales.
Have a great time with the Poiple Lion
During summer’s giggling gales.
But bestest of all we could climb the Wall
Into the Great Orange Field of ‘Taters,
And there we’d dance and sing and prance
With the wonderful toothless alligators.

Those wonderful toothless alligators!
How they sing and laugh!
With a hearty ha-ho! And a deep bass Hum!
The best time you’ll ever have
Is when you’re with the toothless alligators
Who feed on the topaz trees
And drink the waters of the Yayay River
And play with Polka-dot bees.
You never have to worry about bedtime
Cause the alligators never sleep,
You can stay up all night and joke about
Till the Earliest Early Bird peeps.
In the world of the toothless alligators
No one cries and no one dies
You can live year after year with nary a tear
Under purple-green peppermint skies.

Yes, there is no place like the winsome world of the toothless alligators.
There there is no pain, to tears, no hate,
In the far, far world of the toothless alligators.

by Sophia White

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