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The World's Best Remedy

I think the very best remedy,
To get rid of cares and woes;
Is simply to sit and laugh, really
Until your sadness goes.
Too sad to laugh we say however,
As we sit feeling sorry for me;
But this will never ever do,
In finding us some glee.
The first step is to look at yourself,
Such a droop! Such a mope;
The second step is to watch all the sadness
working on you,
And trying to make you feel as if there's no hope.
You dope! Don't mope!
And count each bitter care that you craft;
Instead, show sadness just who's boss,
And replace that wretch with a laugh.
And now that you have laughed once my friend,
And thought of how silly you looked before;
Do you feel the lift that's come to you as you laugh,
And laugh some more?
So to anyone who feels the sickness of being sad must be,
Pass on to him the secret of laughter;
My friend, The World's Best Remedy!

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