The World's First Slave

You aren't worth sending to school
only to sell for a couple cows
but not before we cut you.

If a man were so wronged he would have hanged himself,
if a country of men were so wronged they would have
killed off the other 1/2 of the population.

And this is why God giveth women these burdens to bear,
because man in his cruel cowardice and heart of spite could not,
and we would have all been dead long ago.

And glorious it must be
to have others do everything for you
for this what a man needs!

But what did she need?
Did you ever ask
when she was devoted to serving your needs?

For the world's first slave
was right there in your kitchen
when with crazed eyes you proclaimed your hatred for whitey.

And that is how the story goes
the man with a scratch on his leg SCREAMS
while woman's is amputated without her making a sound.

They men want revolution
the history they quote, the moments, the martyrs
while the truly disenfranchised and marginalized

still serves them coffee and tea
consoling, accommodating and agreeing
with their own enslavement

taking their daughters out of school
only to sell them for cows
and enslave them too.

by Thayne Tuason

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Incredibly powerful and eye opening write. A deplorable practice in every sense of the word. It is easy for people to ignore or sweep under the rug a topic like this as it is brutal and painful to imagine, but there must be more discussion about such things. Thanks for sharing