The World's Worst Criminals

The World's worst criminals wave their black flag
And of their heinous crimes in public they do brag
To humanity they do not have anything for to give
Since they do not believe in live and let live

An army of murderers the lowest of the low
The beheading of people online they do show
They are not soldiers since soldiers can be brave
Such a title for those worthy of it one ought to save

To the World's worst criminals human life is quite cheap
But eventually they too what they sow must reap
What goes around comes around remains ever true
The worst of bad Karma will become their due

As criminals worse than them one could not name
One can say on humanity they do bring shame
For their crimes eventually they will be made to pay
If not to human law then to Karma one day

The World's worst criminals an army of thugs
And those who choose to join them are ordinary mugs
As criminals they are the lowest of the low
And eventually they too must reap what they sow.

by Francis Duggan

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