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The World Sleeps

The world sleeps,
But something moves,
Is it the wind,
What’s it trying to prove?

Is it the night,
And the creatures of the dark?
The shadows of danger,
Leaving their mark?

The tap that drips,
It won’t stay still,
Can’t turn it off,
Just let it spill.

For any moment now,
I shall drift off to sleep,
I close my eyes,
I do not even peep.

I envy the world,
Its rest I despise,
I just want to sleep,
And rest my tired eyes.

But while the world sleeps,
All I can do,
Is lie here so still,
And so I think of you.

I imagine we’re together,
And life is so much fun,
We’re racing in a field,
Hands up to the sun.

And then I relax,
I hear no more noise,
I think only,
Of all the joys.

The joys that we share,
The ones still to come,
I can hear my breathing,
Finally a hum.

I’m drifting off to sleep now,
With the world I become one,
You always set me free dear,
Yes, sleep has just begun…

by Aisha Sherazi

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Aisha, a wonderful lullaby... beautifully done! Brian