(1 Sept 1986 / Calabar)

The World Spins On

The world continues in an ellipse
Revolving slower, faster and still on
With the same forces acting -
Pulling and pushing in like fashion

Seasons change as it goes
Clouds more often than sunshine
Rain though only for a while
And sun for the rest of each day

The world continues in an ellipse
With the sun at one foci
Supplying energy at all times
To all latitudes and longitudes

The world spins as it goes
Day, night taking turns
Both almost equal in time
One lengthening at different seasons

The world revolves like our lives
With rain, clouds and sunshine
We making hay while the sun shines
And saving for the rainy day

Every season we may complain
Of soil or yield
Thorns or labour tools
Each season bringing its challenges

Seldom we experience an eclipse
With effect darker than the night
Thick enough for everyone to see
But lasting only for a splint second

Yet our lives continue to spin like the world
The gains during youth
Determine the rest in retirement
Knowing our lives must spin on.

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Striking poem. Authority in words. A great write