The World To Come

Children cry as thunder crashes,
slaves bleed from whips and lashes
all around me people scream
as destroyed is their golden dream.
Freedom crumbles into ashes,
and children cry as thunder crashes.

Shackles bind their hands and feet,
as they dream of death, so sweet,
to free them from demons’ fiery hands
and take them away to foreign lands
instead they cry, while being beat
and shackles bind their hands and feet.

Forever lost is the glimmer of hope
and pain, torture, and fear elope
in their palms pool crystal tears
as winds carry unspoken fears,
when the people realize that they cant cope,
forever lost is the glimmer of hope.

Light finally pierces the dreadful gloom
and they are released from their fated doom
slowly despair lifts from their faces
and from its cage, hope swiftly races
and like tapestry removed from the fates’ loom
light finally pierces the dreadful gloom.

by Michele Campbell

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Comments (2)

you've got a great rhythm going here and i like your choice of words. keep it up
The poem has a certain flow, it's content has a message, do the word's come easily yes you have done well Kind regard's AJS