The World To Me

The world is fading away
Why couldn't you stay
There is nothing left for me
I am everything I didn't want to be
Hell is calling to me
And Heavan is something I can not see
I loved someone once
But everytime I got
close to her
Something tore us apart
We will never be together
Only forever alone not being smart
I am everything I am not
They say we only live once
But I have died twice
The devil is mean
And God is not nice
This is what I have seen
If you have seen it not
You have not been shot
Or have your heart
Completely torn apart

by Joshua Decker

Comments (3)

ow! even though I don't believe in such things...I think ur talking about near death experiences...?
this os another one that i really liked <3 its so deep and meaningful i love it <3
life is tough and we have to deal with it. So many of us have been in the same trap. I hope a 10 helps you and your fine poem.