The World Today

Poem By Frederick Torres

What kind of world do we live in today,
Has the crime and violence lead us astray.
What happen to the love and peace, kindness and sharing
Has it all ended and is life so daring.
The generations change as time passes on,
We ask ourselves, what did we do wrong.
Was it the drugs or wars that made our young ones see,
How are bad influences were to be.
We have shown them our ways both good and bad,
And hoped they would learn what could be had.
The bad seemed so easy, the good always hard,
So now comes the time to change and discard.
Lets help make their lives better and for future generations,
To stop all this evil for their self preservation.
For its up to the parents to show them the right way.
And hope they will touch their children the peaceful and caring way.

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The Other Side

I often wonder, about the other side,
Are we conscience, who's our guide.
Is there light or dark out there,
Or are there things to beware.