W (11/7/87 / My Depressed Heart)

The World Viewed Through A Straw

Though The World may Hate Me

I'll never walk alone

You can kill the heart

and destroy whats shown

I'll never be more than visible

You kill me slowly

but you make me whole

You use my body

and Control my Soul

I'll always be part ot the visible

One day I'm gonna break away

from this emotion that holds sway

'do You Still love me? '

She wants to know

I'm nothing more than the visible

What's done is done

and that won't change

don't live for tomorrow

when you can live for today

I'm finally More than just visible

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This is very good. Like other of your poems it reads like song lyrics or Rap. Being a quasi-Buddhist I especially relate to the last verse. Live in the moment. Rob