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The World Was Dark And Gray

The World Was Dark And Gray

when the world began it was dark and gray
not even the stars came out to play
so God took for Himself many buckets of paint
and bottles of rainbow spray
He colored the world as we know it today

He opened the first and found rolling plum-black ink
this was taken for the dark midnight sky
and the second He opened and He did spy
bright yummy yellow, for the morning sun

the third, and the fourth, much like the others
cool fresh green, for coloring the grasses
a topaz blue, so vibrant, amasses
a wide expanse of daytime sky, so clear

so God went on, giving life to the world
silver firecracker sparkles, the stars did own
warm, rich. golden orange, was sown
in every burning fire that blazed

the last He picked was like no paint He'd seen
a color, and in it, a thoasand shades were shown
dancing in and out of view, they glowed
for this, He chose, to color our souls

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nice poem Gina! Powerful and with a good message! well done HBH