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The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web a way of connecting to people over seas
You can download your favourite films, you could be in freezing cold weathers but be sitting infront of a one hundred degress
You can create your own web sites with tonns of pictures of you
Your friends can join in, all your old mates and you can get some brand new
Talk to muscular John, look at his amazingly fit body
Talk to brainy Tim, even though his spellings a bit shody
Or sexy Cindy, phwoar! look at her tits
She showed that geek Brady attention on the net, gave him the shits
Or what about when little Ellie went to meet the bloke she met on msn
Aint seen her for ages but i guess that was her weakness...Men!
This big spiders web of information, home addresses and home numbers
Data protection doesn't really exist in this world and it kind of makes me wonder
If I put a picture of a six foot blonde wearing next to nothing on myspace
Put my home adress smack bang in the middle, how many weirdos will show up at my place?
If a ten year old girl claimed to be sixteen on msn
Would she get adds from,17,19,30 year old men?
Well i know one thing for sure...
You can't trust the world wide web

by SAS Marshall

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