The Worlds Only Certain Hope

When hopes and dreams seem to fade, there is one message to herald,
That Jesus is truly the only lasting Hope in this uncertain world.

Now He reigns from up above, but He will descend to earth once more,
As the prophetic Word of God states, this is both certain and sure.

Prophecy makes the Bible different from all other sacred writings,
Peace is found only in Christ, as all others will continue fighting.

When Christ comes to rapture His Church filling us with jubilation,
Israel and the other nations will enter the seven year tribulation.

And after millions of people disappear before the eyes of the world,
A great leader will step in and his plan of peace will be unfurled.

With God's Truth and Light banished from the earth at the rapture,
Followed by a strong delusion on man, their hearts he shall capture.

But he is not just a man, but the one doomed to eternal destruction.
And instead of peace many will fall, through Satan's evil seduction.

And many left on the earth will accept his plan as they are in need,
Since they didn't embrace the Truth, God will allow them to believe.

The wicked one will be destroyed at the splendor of Christ's coming,
So believe my friend, and at the rapture you too can be among Him.

God's Truth is still available today, and God wants you to believe,
But if you continue to reject God's Truth, you too will be deceived.

(Copyright © 11/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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