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The Worm, And The Fish Part 3
DC (04-25-81 / tulare california)

The Worm, And The Fish Part 3

The giant worm is with other capture worm's.
In there micro-mind, thinking! ' Where are they going.'
As, there captor held them, they said, grab the big one!
He fleshy and firm.

As, one of them, held me in his hand.He prick me, with a surgical-tool.

Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that hurt's! You stupid fool.

I was dangling on clear-string, on this sharp-piercing object.
I felt this momentum, whoosh, I was fling in the air.
As, I splash into this liquid, I was sinking into this enstrange world.
Is this my final destination! In this wet-feeling place.

Here come this monstrous-fish.
Please don't eat me; please don't eat me!
As the fish open his mouth real wide............

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