The Worn And Intact

Poem By Adeyemi Joshua

- -

A lad who pushed forth her feet,
And slung it in a boat-like shoe. Its
Expanse was larger than her leg,
Yet for self-sake she merged.- -

What would we call this?
Emotions' train or lodging field? :
A bright berry at her prime,
Gave herself to the teeth of crime:

What would we call this?
A fair maiden of sundry qualities,
Gave her heart to a worn one,
And expects two to be one?

Wouldn't the old dreg corrupt
The taste of the new vine oft?
Then why would a Charming rose,
Play, with the snake, a game of toast*?

Untapped wine lies untouched in the forest,
Seek for yourself, and allow your emotion rest.
18: 03: 30: 11: 22

The poets talks plainly about a young lady who entered a (love)relationship with an old man. The poets addresses it with the view that, the lady would hurt herself if she continues in it. Also, the poet concludes by asking if young and agile youths are finished in the world that an old man is next option. A search!

Written In honour of a Dear Phillipian friend
by name 'Rica Melinao'.... As she had
requested for it.....

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