Why Brother?

What wrong did i do?
What have i done to you my brother?
Why do you hate me so much?
When will you realise that you and i are one blood?

Ever since your birth i loved you
Ever since your dedication i looked after you
Why have you become so wild brother?
Why have you destroyed all that belongs to me?

In my absence you sent my two kids to an early exit
Like cows in abbatoir you slaughtered them
Bit by bit, part by part
I cried brother, i cried

What haven't you done to me?
I sit at home waiting for her
I mean my flesh, to come home
After serving her father's land

Here she comes i rejoiced, expecting her suitors
But you struck again, heavily this time around
You sent her and her brother to that speechless grave
Children that will shoot cannon guns when i die

I wept but you never consoled me
You said the maker has taken
I believed you, i trusted you
I left my shattered heart for the maker

Are you not satisfied, when will you leave me in peace?
Now you tell the kinsmen i sacrifice my blood for rituals
My beloved children, my freedom fighters
Peaceful, innocent hearts that loved and called you uncle

My maker i kneel before you in tears
Judge me, haven't i been fair to my brother?
If i have, jugde me rightly
Dry this face of tears my maker


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