The Worst Best Friend

Poem By Leise Landreth

Why was I stuck with the worst best friend?

Even though we'd be friends 'til the end.

I always thought that friends should not diseev,

But now I don't know what there's to belive.

I show her my artwork,

She points out what's wrong.

I show her a poem,

Says it's a stupid song.

You say I shouldn't be her friend.

That's what I just can't do.

Cuz we've been friends since,

Just before grade two!

I only like her when I'm with her.

Even then I hate her some.

And I'm really getin' tired,

Of her callin' me dumb.

I'm tired of her hurting me.

One stupid word and WACK!

I don't think that I can take,

One more damn smack.

She's the worst best friend,

That this girl's ever had.

Yet she's still my best friend,

And deep inside I'm really glad!

This is not my poem. someone else whrote it and I thorught I would share it with you.

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