The Worst Dream(Hauntings)

In the shadows,
she is there beside me.
I can see her in my mind,
and she walks with me.
I know that in real life,
she is not there.
She haunts my thoughts.
I want the memories to leave me
just like she did.
I do not know why she left,
but she’s gone.
Now, I have no idea where she is,
but she is always beside me.

In the light,
she is there beside me.
I wish to see her once more,
for one more chance to try and make things right.
I still do not know why she left.
I tried to stop her when she left,
but I could not.
What hurts still
is that I would do anything for her.
She was more than just my best friend.
She meant the world to me.
I could not wait to see her each day,
to talk to her and hear her voice.
Now I try to leave the memories of her behind,
to find somebody new,
and to fill the holes that she left in me.
I still think it is a waste of time,
and that this is my worst dream come true.

by Leland Pechacek

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