The Worst Pain Of All Is Being Alone

The worst pain you will ever feel is
begin alone
You can have all the friends in the world
But you will still feel alone
Nobody understand you
You don't even understand yourself
You feel trapped in a box
with no way out
nobody to help you out
You feel like a ghost walking around
wishing one day you will be found
You feel like an outcast
Do you want to cry, but no tears come out
Do you want to scream, but no sound come out
Do you think everything that happen is always your fault
Sometimes do you wish you can crawl into your grave
and just die
Sometimes do you wish you can fast forward time
to the moment you die
You have nobody to talk to
rely on
to feel your pain
Sometimes life is fair
Sometimes life is cruel
Is your life like a shadow
Do you feel unreal
Do you feel fake
Do you feel like a nobody
Do you feel the pain of being sad and alone
I feel your pain
Sometimes I feel the same way
Sometimes I wish somebody will end it all
My life is just like a shadow
stuck in a box
I have nobody
May be I go crawl in a hole
and lay down
and die
Maybe when I'm gone
I will not feel the pain of being alone
I hide my pain with a smile on my face
Nobody understand that people go thru pain
The worst pain you will ever feel is being

by Jamel Green

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