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The Worst Poem Ever Written
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The Worst Poem Ever Written

The worst poem ever written.
Well, what did you expect?
Strikes no chords, hits no buttons,
Just leaves you all perplexed.

Speaks not of Life, Death, Hope or Hate,
Or hearts by Love’s darts smitten.
You surely will not like its shape,
Its form, its structure, rhythm.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Get only a brief mention.
Where is the focus, centre?
What captures our attention?

No similes, no imagery,
No metaphors, no meat.
No juicy, tasty turns of phrase
In which to sink one’s teeth.

A dud, a flop, complete dead loss,
With nothing to commend it.
Go on, tell me you share this view,
I shall not be offended.

A worser poem was never written,
So I’ll not whinge or whine.
I won’t feel hurt, burnt, stung or bitten,
I’ll hit the mark next time.

And yet, while I’ve been sitting
Here, a thought did cross my mind:
Might there not be some treasure hidden
Among these rough-hewn lines?


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Comments (7)

Definitely a treasure tucked between the lines! I thoroughly enjoyed this poem, love how you incorporated every word connected to rules of writing poetry and made them into the worst poem ever written. That's what you call poetic justice! ! Always hated English and it's rules, break them as much as possible. You definitely captured my attention from the title onward! 10 -10's! Love when rules get used against themselves, call me a quiet rebel, ha ha! Thank you for sharing this great poem! RoseAnn
With one word marvelous! !
This is what I call poetry! ! ! :)
This my friend is poetry....at its very best! Excellent composition.
Good one. Keep posting more of your worser poems.
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