The Worthless Dimes, On My Palm

Poem By muhil muhilan

' IT - jobs are sold here ' -
- bit notices fly
in the streets,
' at moderate price ' - is
not printed down.....

The mother's love was sold
at a cheapest price
to a glass panelled
glossy house
for taking care
of a orphan baby
who sleeps
in a golden cradle....

Even the God is ready
to sell the blessings
only to the devotees
those who are heeping
golds and crores
at his altar ....

The corn fields
and paddy fields have
set to grow Real Estate
to beat
the population growth
that is billioning
overnight ....

Love is bargained
by Toyota, Hyundai,
BMW and Mercedes
and is black-marketed
somewhere in ball
or mansion .....

Counting the worthless dimes
in my palm
I'm bargaining nothing
among these marketing .....

Hei, people,
doing school business,
there would be no need
of toiling with
teachers and students....
You, people, can sell
the testimonals and marks
price wise, directly
in future .....

Caution, Hei, next generation,
the e entrepreneurs are preparing
to manufacture
the pill sized foods
and the science is triggered
on investigation .....

Hei, youths of future,
prepare yourself
to buy your love toys
and romance
at any open market
and there would be
a wonderful facility
to your PARENT
for buying you anywhere
in the test tube nurseries .....

our grandparents
and their beautiful life
depended on the nature
and their sweet romance,
I'm counting
the worthless Dimes
in my palm .....

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