The 'Woulda Coulda' Syndrome

Even though you can not see it...
Tomorrow is there.
It has its own agenda waiting!
You can not prepare for tomorrow.
How can you?
You still haven't prepared for today!
Even though there's time...
You want to sit and whine about yesterday!
How much of it have you changed?
Other than the rearranged circumstances.
Enhancing excuses with priorities!
The 'woulda coulda' syndrome
That 'shoulda oughta' been done...
By now!
Even though you can not see it...
It's not waiting for you to make up your mind!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

I love the rush of words in this poem - panic nearly got to me - urgent! - Will
A smack of reality here... well done! ! !
I really like it it's like a kick in the ass to get moving and get on with your life. Lylyanna