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Take My Pain Away

Last night I couldn’t sleep, this is the eighth day
I’m confused what is the purpose of life?
I sit here wondering, contemplating
When will this pain go away
I’m tired of this life I live
How much longer can I hide
My face and body are starting to change
My scars decorate my body
they cover every inch of my body fitting
together like a puzzle
When I think of you, one word comes to my mind
I’ve always thought the question of what if?
What if life was different and we lived different lives?
That seems to sooth me, maybe if I could change it I’d live again
But no that’s not possible of course not
Now I sound crazy.
I guess all these people are right maybe I should
Keep my head up and live life for myself
with your memory following me everywhere I go
Now that could be life
I always said nothing was done for me
But that’s not true, you saved my life more than once
and not a lot of people know that
I'd have to say some things started with you and
I’m extremely grateful
I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me, older brother.
Something please take my pain away.

R.I.P Lorenzo Martinez

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