The Writer Will Write

You say you struggle to find things for to write about
And your worth as a writer you seemingly doubt
But the facts tell us one thing and facts never lie
That without amateur writers the art of writing would die.

And that you find it hard to find subjects to write of seems puzzling to me
In life and in Nature so much to learn of and see
From living we learn something new every day
And so much to write of it does seem that way.

The poor homeless woman on Poverty Street
Searching the rubbish bins for something to eat
She knows what it's like to live in Earthly Hell
Of her tragic life there's a story to tell.

You say writers block it is clouding your mind
And of things to write of you struggle to find
But writers block with you won't have a long stay
And the writer will write as some are known to say.

by Francis Duggan

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