The Writing Competition!

A special day began above,
In Heaven, far away...
When Jesus Christ, the King of Love,
Had something new to say...
A competition with a prize,
A golden quill, no less,
Meant for that writer oh so wise
His wisdom brought success...

The Lord explained the length, the theme,
The rules observed and such,
The telling of a wondrous dream
As if each heart to touch...
The writers went away to write
Their awesome thoughts by hand,
With hopeful faces shining bright
At what the Lord had planned...

God only knows their suffering,
Within their homes alone
And then attempts recovering
To make their stories known...
And poets, too, with ancient rhyme,
Well-used yet penned once more,
Their one intent to use the time,
Their poems to outpour...

The Judgement Day arrived at last,
The writers' works were shared,
Ten thousand done, yet none surpassed,
The writers stood quite scared...
Rejection wasn't nice at all,
Although they'd done their best
And as they left the Judgement Hall,
They knew they failed God's test...

The ones that stayed then left in turn,
Till not one more remained,
As if each had yet more to learn
That wisdom hadn't gained...
Yet home again, they sensed God's love,
Each saw a golden quill!
They'd done their best! That was enough!
They'd all obeyed God's will...

So while on Earth each writer dwells,
Think on that parable,
Before you write of something else,
Like it's some miracle...
God knows each heart, each mind, each soul,
The Lord sees everywhere,
Though every word's in your control,
It helps to say a prayer...

Denis Martindale, copyright October 2014.

by Denis Martindale

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