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The Writing Thing

It’s like giving birth,
This poetry writing,
All straining and groaning,
With lots of nail biting.

This word or that word,
Which word is better?
It’s got to be great,
Down to the last letter.

Some I like very much
Some I just have to end
Some rhymes are just right
Some I just have to bend.

When it’s written and posted
And the whole world can see
A calm settles in,
There is no where to flee.

Can’t hide from the ones
Can’t hide from the comments
Just hope that my poems
Don’t cause you to vomit.

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Sounds of chewed nails being trodden underfoot. As I march to the score board. I am getting heaps of 1's lately. My work must be dreadful. You at least have a strong following and 10 can bring the scores back up quicker. So here is another 10+ Hugs Jan
They certaining don't....they capture the reader! Excellent. C
Is it really hard work sandra, poetry all i do is write it down dont check anything and god help anyone who does, touch my work that is good or bad it comes how it is, nice to know you work hard at it, you will be rewarded Warm regards allan
How about: 'Some of my poems hit the screen like a comet'
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