Man, I've never raised my arms against you

Slitting the hair-parting the day you drew the insignia of blood
I felt pain, I didn't tell you

On dry soil no rose blooms, no peacock dances
Yet digging the sandy terrain we drew water
With son on the lap have watched glow-worms, pointed out Orion.

We know earth is woman, the sky primal man
Then why have you chained my arms?
Why didn't you let me see the sun for a thousand years?

Don't insult the earth that holds you
Man, I've never raised my arms against you.

by Mallika Sengupta

Comments (4)

I think Troy's my long lost Brother from another Mother! ! Great to see another poet with a certain sense of style A+++++++
Michael, this poem got better and better, finally ending with a (head) bang! Good stuff! ! Brian
Michael, the sense of frustration rang out! Certainly struck a chord. Kind regards. Justine.
Bravo. I love the rhyme scheme & Content. an excellent Poem. Keep dowing your Thing. St. Sir Michael Manners