The Wrong Address

I apologize.
But you have caught me,
At a most inconvenient time.
Who or what was that you say,
You are looking for?

'I am looking for pity.
I was told to knock on your door.'

You have the wrong address.
Although I did briefly meet pity.
But pity isn't here.
To live and never did.

'But I...'

I will admit,
Anger and bitterness had been...
Room-mates of mine at one time.
But they had to go.
No benefit with me,
Did they leave behind to show.

Yet they did make attempts,
Bringing their baggage...
To pack on 'my' back to stack.
As if I was going to tolerate that.
I couldn't take the complaining.
With no one willing to listen.
And when I began to comprehend,
Out the door that had to go.
To leave me alone with a purpose.
More clear to me and it to show.

You have the wrong address.
Whoever told you to expect,
Either pity, anger or bitterness here.
With it to visit, 'whine' and on my time.
To find laying around me comfortably,
For you to share and over stay a visit?
Forget it.

You have the wrong address.
And at this time my time is not available.
To use at my expensive.
Or at your convenience to waste it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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