JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

The Wrong Kind Of Life

Do you know where drugs will lead you?
To a dismal life of crime.
You'll rob your own Mother,
You would take her last dime.

As you get a little older,
You're really looking to score.
The drug's have made you bolder,
So you go and hold up a liquor store.

Now your leading a life of crime,
You robbed that liquor store.
You will do whatever it takes,
Just to get that next score.

You have now sunken so low.
Just to get your next fix.
Who will you rob next time.
So you can buy your next dime.

You have lost all your friends,
Now your alienated from your wife.
No more love, kisses or hugs,
Because you are married to your drugs.

You've lost your job and your home,
Where are you going to go to roam.
Such a lonely and wasted life you live,
Has it all been worth it my friend?

Sleeping in the filthy gutter,
Living on the desolate streets.
See where drugs have taken you,
It's a game nobody ever beats.

You've finally hit the end of the road,
So now where are you going to go.
The morgue, an institution, or a jail cell?
Good bye, good riddance and farewell.

Written by
James R. Greene
© June 17,2007

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