The Wrong One For Advice

On me you are asking the wrong one for advice on the furthering of your literary career
Since i am one who writes just as a hobby as i already to you have made clear
And since you will not send what you write to be published on any free internet site
Perhaps you should send your manuscript to a publisher who may advise you or even publish what you did write
As you do know i am not a literary critic though the potential in your work not hard to see
In any case on what is good or not good writing those who claim to know do not always agree
The poet Robert Browning of this is a great example to publish his first book of poems he had to pay
In his lifetime he became a literary icon and his legend it is living on today
Why ask me one who writes for self enjoyment of good or bad writing i would hardly know
But since you've asked me for my frank opinion some promise as a writer you do show
Some of the critics out there may well criticize you and tell you as a writer you may never make the grade
The writer's life is not meant to be easy few know of success in the wordsmith trade
I hope you become a successful writer and i wish you wealth and happiness and fame
But if you do not send your manuscript to a publisher for yourself you will never make a name.

by Francis Duggan

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