SS (9-16-91 / derborn mich)

The Wrong One For Me

I thought that I loved you.
I thought that you cared.
We laughed together
shared time together.
You said that you loved me,
that I was the one for you.
But when I didn’t call,
you thought that I cheated.
So you caused a lot of drama
you said that we were through.
And then I panicked because
we were through.
I started swearing
throwing what ever I could.
I started to cry
but you didn’t care because you
found someone new. She
thought that she could torment me
by rubbing you in my face. Touching you
and kissing you! I freaked out when I saw
her face she looked like a gremlin!
Alls I could do was laugh. that’s
when I knew that you where just a
player plotting to get into her pants.
I seen you together and that’s
when I realized that I no longer
loved you, I hated you and I knew
that you so weren’t the one for me.
And know im happy as can be.
I don’t have to worry about what
people think of me because you
made me see how I don’t want to be.
I hope you feel the same when im
with my new man. I hoe you see
what you lost and how good I could have
been for you but now I don’t care because
I no that you weren’t the one for me.
He wasn’t the one for me and im as happy as can be.

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