The Yangery

Between Warrnambool City and Koroit's rural Town
Old Yangery today is looking dry and brown
Named after it's first people of the long ago
Going back the decades two centuries or so

Though the stories of their legends may be living on
The Yangery people from the Moyne Shire long gone
From where they hunted and lived and raised their families
And had their social gatherings and corroborees

Legend has it when the countryside now known as the Moyne Shire had more bushes and trees
The Yangery tribe gave shelter to shipwrecked Portugese
And that some of their women fell in love with the foreigners and gave birth to people of a mixed race
Where cultures do meet changes always take place

That time brings with it changes only true to say
Far less bushes and trees in Yangery today
In the Moyne Shire the tribe known as Yangery never to be seen again
And only their legends nowadays does remain

Above the sunlit brown paddocks in the blue and gray sky
In pursuit of flying insects the dark swallows fly
Where the Yangery lived many decades ago
That time with it brings changes happens to be so.

by Francis Duggan

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