The Yarpturk Wednesday Whistlers

At Kathy Baulch's home on Wednesday mornings the craic it is great
When the Wednesday Whistlers the music of Ireland do celebrate
Multi talented musicians who play many musical instruments from places far and near
The pleasant sound of their music a joy for to hear

To get to these sessions John and Carol from Werribee to Yarpturk have to travel far
At least a six hour return journey by car
Though they do not make the journey every Wednesday it would seem fair to say
That it is a testament to their passion for playing music to travel such a long way

A leading exponent of music of the Moyne Shire on guitar
Michael Shack in his own right a musical star
And Kathy and Margo and Judy and Natasha tin whistlers supreme
Getting better with each session is how it does seem

Bronwyn and Russell and Janice and Kathy Webster music loves to play
The Wednesday morning sessions at Yarpturk helps to make their day
The Yarpturk Wednesday Whistlers have become known far and wide
Even beyond the Moyne Shire and the coastal countryside

And after the sessions Kathy always serves up an afternoon tea
A generous and hospitable person she keeps the musicians happy quite a good idea
With lots of good music to listen to for free
Kathy's home in Yarpturk on Wednesday mornings is the place to be.

by Francis Duggan

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