The Yarra Ranges Shire

In the Yarra Ranges from here far away
The male superb lyrebird is singing today
His lyre shaped tail above his back as on his mound he display
He's the world's greatest mimic you will hear some say
In the Yarra Ranges the pied currawong
One cannot get them wrong their calls of karrawang carrying in the hill breeze
In the quiet before rain on the tall eucalyptus trees
Where the laughing kookaburras call before sunrise
Their shrill cackling laughter not hard to visualize
And who could mistake the loud squawking of the white cockatoo
Or the much more pleasant calls of the dark brown weerloo
In the home of the beautiful king parrots and crimson rosellas the Yarra Ranges Shire
Of singing it's praises one never could tire.

by Francis Duggan

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