The Year 2006

For World peace and harmony it has been an awful year
From the Cities of Iraq of death each day we hear
To invade other Countries is always a mistake
And gives rise to death and suffering and grieving and heart-break
Because of the actions of a few people with great power millions must live a life of hell
And out of war it only seems the super rich do well
Those who sell weapons of death war always do promote
And of the lessons of war history few bother to take note
How can one claim a victory when so many lives are lost
And victory in any war it comes at a huge cost
And lets hope in 2007 that the war men will come to realize
That one form of aggression to another does give rise
And as for the year 2006 it will not go down in history
As a year of justice for all and peace and World harmony.

by Francis Duggan

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