The Year That Has Passed By

Poem By Dr. Nikhat Bano

Once more a year has passed,
had many things in its garb,
much the same as the past.
A mix of all fair and dark.
Had everything a life could offer;
It could make me joyous
and on many occasions,
even grievous.

Life offered a plethora of events,
insane highs and unsound lows;
But although inflicted by all griefs,
the year had a few trickling joys.
Alas, I couldn't explain to myself,
those lows after each strife.
Not confessing out of the blue,
my morbid interest in life.

It was more mystic than before,
the year that has passed by;
Was more licentious than before,
the year that has passed by.
As if in an unknown territory,
existed a labyrinthine;
Leading to devil's workshop,
through pathways clandestine.

Even now on this earth
people do sleep without eating;
Rapists, murderers roam free
after each ethnic cleansing.
Who's going to assure us here,
that the same battered flute,
will not repeat,
the same mournful tunes.

Lord! The more I look back
the more I'm appalled;
Amazed by the godless sinners,
by their uncanny guts, I'm dazed.
They're erudite, devout and mighty,
crossing every sane boundary,
these trespassers' frenzies
has made me forget comity.

Have we over-killed our humanity?
And hyper-warped our identity?
Why this morbid interest in death
and love for adversity!
Now, tough to accept this manifestation,
'We were once the supreme creation'.
It's high time we need a Messiah
We hail you, O' Son of Marry, Isa (PBUH) !

Copyrights Reserved @ DrNikhat Bano
December 22,2018.

Comments about The Year That Has Passed By

A refined poetic imagination, Dr. Nikhat Bano. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
people do sleep without eating; Rapists, murderers roam free after each ethnic cleansing. high time we need a Messiah...... how true.......... a fine poem.. very realistic........experiences, questions, .. thank u dear Dr. poet. tony

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